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​​Certified Electronic Filing Service Provider

​As a certified Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP), we are compliant with all current eFiling standards in California. Our easy-to-use filing portal enables attorneys and legal support staff to quickly place orders to all California courts that accept e-filing. 

Our Services:


1. How long does it take for my submission to be "Filed/ Rejected/ Lodged"?

This depends on each efiling clerk's workload and could range from minutes to weeks, but if there are no issues your documents will receive the filing-date reflecting the day that the documents were submitted.

2. Can you call the court to talk to the clerk for me?

No,  unfortunately electronic filing service providers are not given special access to court personnel, or privileges- you are responsible for contacting the court if there is a problem *

*we suggest that you contact the department clerk if you are filing something with an upcoming hearing date/ deadline 

3. Can you Fix my filing after submission?

No, electronic filing service providers are only a "window to the court" - your documents are transmitted instantly to the court and we cannot undo a submission once it has been transmitted

4. How do the court fees get paid?

A&A Legal will advance the court fees and charge them back to the card that you have on file

​5. Why were my documents rejected?

You will receive the same email notification from the clerk's office that we see. Electronic filing service providers do not get any additional information from the clerk.


Burlingame: 650-697-9431 - San Francisco: 415-543-9977


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Return of accepted/rejected documents is determined solely by filing court. 

​See FAQ below for more information.

*Additional fees will be applied for technical support