Burlingame: 650-697-9431 - San Francisco: 415-543-9977

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 Process Service  

Skilled Servers

  • Price Range (routine to special same-day service)
  • Coverage Area: Bay Area, all of California, 50 states, foreign & beyond
  • Knowing proper paperwork (ex: summons & complaints, CCP1011, writs, subpoena, orders, family law, etc.)
  • Stakeouts / Surveillance
  • Hague Convention Services

Difficult Process Evader

  • Smart Serving Techniques (A practical approach)
  • Knowledgeable of process law
  • Investigative Service Available CA PI-22224

Other Factors Considered

  • Locating service for process
  • Special time arrangements
  • Strange situations
  • Potential for violence
  • Stakeouts
  • Investigation Services including, but not limited to Service by Publication - From A to Z (call for details)
  • Writs of Execution / Attachment - The expertise to understand the circumstances and freeze the property at the right moment for sheriff/marshal (state/federal) to levy. Handling State & Federal Cases