Every state has different rules with respect to the issuance, preparation and service of foreign subpoenas. With our shrinking world, more and more it is becoming necessary to subpoena individuals or documents from our sister states. Depending on the state and sometimes the county within the state, the procedures can range from the very simple to the very complicated.

Don't spend your time and your client's money to research the valid service of subpoenas in other states. A&A Legal Service has the expertise and experience needed to facilitate these needs.

Foreign Subpoenas

Skilled Experienced Servers

You want your service of process done right. Do you really need to go to court on a quashed subpoena?

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​​​​ Process Service 


What are you looking for in service of process?

  • Knowledgeable servers on the law

  • Trained practical workable techniques

  • Experienced service on evasive subjects

Difficult Process / Evaders

  • Smart Serving Techniques (A practical approach)
  • Knowledgeable of process law
  • Investigative Service Available Paul R. Anderson Sr. CA PI-22224
  • Locate to verify addresses
  • Provide service breakdown on stakeouts
  • Lifestyle profiles

Additional Expertise

  • International / Hague Convention services
  • Special time arrangements
  • Strange situations
  • Potential for violence
  • Stakeouts when necessary
  • Investigation Services including, but not limited to Service by Publication - From A to Z (call for details)
  • Writs of Execution / Attachment - The expertise to understand the circumstances and freeze the property at the right moment for sheriff/marshal (state/federal) to levy. Handling State & Federal Cases.

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