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Hallmarks of Excellence in Investigation

  • Confidential: The information provided by the client to the investigator and the investigator to the client is maintained properly to uphold the integrity of the investigation.

  • Reliable: The investigator lives up to the agreement made between parties. The investigator conducts the investigation according to the agreement.

  • Trustworthy: The investigator must uphold his or her words. Reports only the facts and not make unfounded assumptions.

If the hallmarks are adhered to this will result in a successful business transaction and satisfied customers will follow.


International Investigations: 

  • Find International Investigator
  • Work With Foreign Countries' Law
  • Manage Foreign Cases

Insurance Matters: 

  • Product Liability
  • Personal Injury
  • Fraud
  • Difficult Service Of Process

Difficult Service Of Process Speciality:

  • Planned Process Strategies
  • Profile Subject Lifestyle For Process
  • Vast Investigative Locate Resources
  • Service Of Process Publication

Civil Matters: 

  • Attorney Case Support Investigations

Criminal Matters:

  • Court Appointed / Paid - Misdemeanor to Homicide
  • Private Matters
  • Criminal Records Research

Asset/Liability Matters: 

  • Pre-litigation Liability Issues
  • Post Litigation

Intellectual Property:

  • Counterfeit / Copyright / Trademark Infringement
  • Patent Rights

Other General Investigations: 

  • Rent Control Cases
  • Family Law / Child Custody
  • Torts
  • Witness Escort Deposition / Court Hearing
  • Chain Of Custody Matters
  • Service Of Process- Publications
  • ETC. *Call With P.I. Issue
  • Pro Bono Assistance



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