Writ Service

Service of judgment documents can be tricky. 
A & A Legal Service, Inc. uses only educated, registered process servers. 
We are experienced with requirements for sheriff’s and marshals. 
Let us help guide you through this process.

State Court and Federal Court Judgments

  • Bank Levies:  Service always done in accordance with Civil Procedures.
    *Please see Information on Central Locations for Service of Legal Process                                               or 
  • ​Wage Garnishments:                 to walk you through this procedure.
  • Attachments:  We can help with both Pre-Judgment and Post-Judgment attachments. 

We provide the following:

  • Preparation of necessary documents for service
  • Open accounts with sheriff or marshal
  • Serve immediately to freeze accounts, property, money instruments, etc.
  • Return all necessary paperwork to the proper authority in a timely fashion

Complex Writs Are Our Specialty!

Burlingame: 650-697-9431 - San Francisco: 415-543-9977

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